From entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, we provide tax-focused expertise in a variety of industries. We have a track record of working collaboratively with tax preparers and CPAs to provide value for both our domestic and international clients. The regulatory and compliance environment is fast-moving and companies and professional service providers are routinely blindsided by gaps in compliance systems, particularly in emerging or disrupted industries. We apply our experience in controversy and tax compliance to minimize risk, reduce tax exposure, and fight to ensure our clients achieve the best outcome possible.

Having an ongoing relationship with tax services attorneys you trust adds real value to your business in countless situations. Here are just a few:

  • Tax Planning and Compliance – We help domestic and multinational companies identify the team needed to build a successful compliance strategy and understand the tax implications of current and planned legal structures. This includes advising on tax implications of mergers and acquisitions, business entity selection and formation, and advising on the implications of intercompany transactions.
  • Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution – We help clients evaluate options through the full audit lifecycle from initial notification of an audit, collection due process hearings, appeals, offers in compromise, and collections. We also have experience with both federal tax and the myriad of state taxes (e.g. sales tax and property tax).
  • Tax-Exempt Organizations – We represent many tax-exempt and religious organizations and are familiar with the quirks of nonprofit law and 501(c) tax-exempt organizations.
  • Tax Opinions – When a matter is material or implicates criminal risk, we provide tax opinions for our clients so they can make informed decisions about next steps.